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In home diagnosis, There are many common problems in veterinary medicine that
can be diagnosed and treated at home.

Good examples of this include:
  •   itching and scratching
  •   problems with the eyes, ears or skin
  •   difficulty getting up or around (mild to moderate arthritis)
  •   minor wounds or lacerations
  •   and many others

Sample collection, During a house call, we can collect samples from your pet to be
sent to an outside laboratory for testing.

Common tests include:
  •   Complete Blood Count & Blood Chemistry Panels
  •   Heartworm Testing for both cats and dogs
  •   Feline Viral Testing
  •   Urinalysis
  •   Fecal Examination
  •   Bacterial and Fungal Cultures
  •   and even skin biopsies

Referral if needed, We can arrange personal referrals to veterinary specialists in
ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, cardiology, radiology, orthopedics, oncology,
behavioral therapy, or other service your pet may need.