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In home Euthanasia - When it's time to say goodbye

When that difficult time to say goodbye to your pet arrives,
it can be very painful.  There is no way to ease that pain,
except with time and through grief and mourning.  

There really is no better way to honor your pet then to
share their final time in the home.  People often find
comfort by allowing their pet to be euthanized at home.  
This is the place they have slept, ate, played, loved, and
even protected.  Many good memories have been made
with your pet companion in this wonderful setting.  

We recognize the depth of the bond between your family
and your pet, and believe there is no better place to
provide your final act of caring.

If you questions about the process or would like to
schedule an appointment, just call and we will discuss the
next steps to be taken together.....

                                                  Dr. Hodgeson
                                                (951) 858-2553

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